Some news


Split with Chaos Cascade: Load Your Guns!


The second part of the "Call To Action" Trilogy is available via Dunkelheit Produktionen as a very limited tape edition including a bullet. Take action!


Split 2 CD with Cervical Smear


Split 2 CD with Cervical Smear released by Phosgen Records and Obsessive Fundamental Realism. Pure violence gloryfying filth.


"Holistic Sacrifice For Death's Majesty" Split with Obskuritatem


Split LP with our allies in faith and terror Obskuritatem is out now on black wax by Gangrene Productions.


"Accelerated Cosmic Repulsion" Split with Will Over Matter, Edasi and Reptile Womb


Split Digipack CD to be released by Bestial Burst on February 28th 2020. Not for the faithless.


"Sharpen Your Knives" Split 7" with Chaos Cascade


A split 7" released by Hate Mail Records. The beginning of a series with calls to action.


"Destruction" Collaboration with Will Over Matter and Chaos Cascade


Collaboration album will be released on December 14th by Bestial Burst as a Digipack CD. 41 minutes of crushing, loud and destructive power electronics with sickening pulse beyond all belief.


"Death Trance" is now available via Dunkelheit Produktionen


New album may be purchased as CD, red vinyl, black vinyl or digitally via Dunkelheit Produktionen. Accompanied by Shirts and a hooded Zipper.


Split Tape with Suppurated Fetus is available now via Treze Listras Records


"Night Of The Predator" serves His glory only.


"Transgressing Ecstasy" Digipack 2 CD is out now via Phosgen/Black Bunker


Conceptual work for His glory only. 11.


"Adoration of Decline Part II" Tape is out now via Final Agony Records


Ritualistic violence. Not for everybody.


Split with Dezerbet Xuu Nimmerzeth is out now via Barbatos Productions


We joined forces with Siberian Dezerbet Xuu Nimmerzeth. Harsh frequencies which hurt.


"Relik" is out now via Bestial Burst


Our fourth full length album is available now from Bestial Burst and from us.


RXAXPXE terror gear in support of the new album "Relik" to be released by Bestial Burst October 14th 2016

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Due to your demand we decided to print some uniforms for the fanatics only. Shirts (S-XXL) and Hoodies (M-3XL) are available for reservation and will be shipped once Relik is released.


"Frequencies Of Genocidal Sacrifice": Split CD with Chaos Cascade is out now.


Phosgen Records recently released a Digipack version limited to 100 copies of the result of Chaos Cascade and RXAXPXE joining forces. Also available directly from us.

Rxaxpxe Logo Shirts Out Now.


Due to the constant demand we realised some new shirts. Logo shirts for the first time. Very limited stock. 15 EUR plus postage. S-XL, Gildan Heavy Cotton.


Rape Tape II Out Now.


Second volume after the first part of the series in 2011 which instantly sold out. This one has been released by Filth & Violence. Recommended for extremists only. Limited Edition.

June 2015

Split with RIDE FOR REVENGE Digipack Out Now.


This highly awaited testament of Devil worship is out now and available directly from us as well as from Bestial Burst. Limited Edition.


Flesh Commandments Digipack Out Now.


RXAXPXE recorded "Flesh Commandments" in 2011. This is the "real" second full length album and the missing link between "Droning Disdain" and "Of My Own Free Will". Due to personal differences with the destined label it has never been released. Phosgen Records changed this and released FLESH COMMANDMENTS in an edition of 100 copies only Digipack. 10 EUR plus postage.




Finnish raw and heavy black metal ritualists teams up with German occult electronics unit for nearly one hour of total torment. RFR delivers two songs in 30 minutes, second one a 16 minute distorted-beyond-belief hypnotic version of Prevail in Hell. All the way in the style of most repetitive and noisy RfR tracks, not for wimps. RxAxPxE does 27 minutes of very loud, ritualistic and at times rhythmic electronic devil worship, making this album a very strong and extreme concept. Awesome artwork, classy digipak CD limited to 300 copies only.Cassette version planned for autumn 2015. Pre-orders available at


Rape Tape Part II


RXAXPXE and Filth & Violence will continue their collaboration. This will manifest by the release of the second part of the Rape Tape which was released in 2011. Hatred in its purest form.


Adoration Of Decline Part II


Adoration Of Decline, which was released in 2013, is a collaboration with inferial italian director Marco Malattia and set a new standard in satanic devotion and misanthropy. We are proud to tell you that Marco Malattia and RXAXPXE are planning to continue this road to damnation and to work on Adoration of Decline Part II. Black Lava Entertainment will join the mass and release this.


Flesh Commandments


RXAXPXE recorded "Flesh Commandments" in 2011. This is the "real" second full length album and the missing link between "Droning Disdain" and "Of My Own Free Will". Due to personal differences with the destined label it has never been released. It´s my pleasure to tell you that Phosgen Records will change this and release this album in 2015 on pro pressed Digipack CD.


RXAXPXE Hooded Jacket pre-order


Due to the massive request: Available for pre-order: RXAXPXE hooded jacket. Exactly that amount of pre-orders will be produced. No reprint. No goat drawings, no stupid slogans. Just pure love and devotion.

Logo will be printed in gold. promodoro E5300 Men´s Hooded Jacket 80/20, Sizes S-XXXL, Prize: 35 EUR plus shipping costs from Switzerland



"Adoration Of Decline" DVDr, an audio visual experiment by RXAXPXE and Marco Malattia is out now.


Place your order via Cosmic Swamp:

Some specially treated artist copies are reserved for friends only.


Cosmic Swamp Pre-Order "Adoration Of Decline" DVD and Teaser

You can pre-order this satanic monumentum now via Cosmic Swamp:

Watch the brand new teaser here:

"Adoration Of Decline" DVD


"Adoration Of Decline" stands for a devotional act of collaboration between RXAXPXE and the italian director Marco Malattia. This audio/visual journey will be released as a DVD by Cosmic Swamp Records. Watch out.


"His Return" Split 7inch EP with TBSU available now directly from us


This beautiful looking EP on green marbled vinyl can now be ordered directly from the headquarters as well as from Hate Mail Records. Visit the shop. Limited quantities.


"Of My Own Free Will" available now directly from us


The special edition as well as the regular edition can now be ordered directly from the headquarters as well as from Assembly Of Hatred. Visit the shop. Limited quantities.


"Of My Own Free Will" and "His Return" Split 7" available now


"Of My Own Free Will" stands as the result of the collaboration between Rxaxpxe and Assembly Of Hatred which began in 2012. It will be released through Assembly Of Hatred in early 2013 in an edition of 300 pro manufactured CDs of which the first 100 copies will include a special patch. This ain't just music but a ritualistic manifest for His glory. Hate Mail Records lately released a split 7" with The Black Scorpio Underground in an edition of 300 copies on coloured splatter vinyl. Both releases can be ordered from the labels directly. We will spread the news as soon as they can also be purchased in the RXAXPXE headquarters.


Pentachrist shirts sold out, reviews for the split tape with Gnawed


Pentachrist shirts sold out. Stop ordering. There are many reviews for the split tape with Gnawed. Check the one on Heathen Harvest for example and find links to all of them at the FB page: Besides that the track "Wisdom" of the split tape with Gnawed is now available for free download in the download section. Get the tape here: Details of the upcoming releases on Assembly Of Hatred and Industrial Culture will follow soon.

F-68 NYRKKI& KYRPÄ III v/a TAPE out now on Filth and Violence




Split Tape with Gnawed (US) out now on Industrial Culture


Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies! Details: C-60 audio cassette - professionally duplicated, with 1-flap inlay! Price 8 Euro | Shipping: Germany: 2,50 Euro WorldWide: 4,50 Euro

regular edition

Westfalia steel edition of "Gnawed / RxAxPxE - Split" only 23 copies with gurantee card for a copy of the new RxAxPxE album "Flesh Commandments" (99 copies, white vinyl). Price 20 Euro | Shipping: Germany: 5 Euro WorldWide: 8 Euro

regular edition

All orders to headquarter [@] industrial-culture [dot] com

Planned Crimes


We got some new stuff planned in conspiracy with Kulturterrorismus Records (Ger) and Assembly Of Hatred Records (Hong Kong). The following propaganda will see the light:

  1. Split C60 Tape with Gnawed (US) - Industrial Culture - 2012
  2. "Flesh Commandments" 12" LP, white vinyl - New Full Length Album - Industrial Culture - 2012
  3. Split CD with Morbid Behaviour (Hong Kong) - Assembly Of Hatred Records - 2012
  4. 7" Lathe Cut Vinyl, Title TBA - Assembly Of Hatred Records - TBA
  5. Song "Her Face" will be part of the NYRKKI & KYRPÄ III v/a Tape - Filth and Violence - TBA

Embroidered Patches ready to ship


High quality embroidered patches are here and ready to ship. They have a cross-section dimension of 10 cm. Price is 5 Euro shipping included worldwide. Strictly limited.

Shirts are in, "Rape" tapes gone


The new two-sided shirts are in. All pre-orders have been shipped. Size L and XL still available. Prize is 17,50 Euro in Germany and 18,50 Euro everywhere else, postage paid. The "Rape" tapes from Filth and Violence are gone from here. Get your copy directly from the label:

"Rape" Filth and Violence tapes are here


The new tape called "Rape" (Bizarre Uproar collaboration) on Filth and Violence (F-59) is here. Order it in the shop section. Check a picture of it here:

New RXAXPXE Shirts pre-order


New RXAXPXE shirt up for pre-order. Sizes available: M, L, XL. Strictly limited. Those shirts will be send out at the end of August. Find pictures in the shop-section. 13? plus shipping costs. For pre-order send an email to: Extremely limited edition. Act fast. Cunt.

RXAXPXE collaborates with Filth & Violence


As those filth whores might have noticed due to the newsletter: RXAXPXE is going to release a tape on finnish cult label Filth & Violence this autumn. It will feature kind of collaboration tracks between RXAXPXE and Bizarre Uproar, recorded in F & V bunker in Helsinki early this year. Tracks are currently being mastered. Details will follow. Die.

En Nihil Split SOLD OUT!


The split tape with En Nihil sold out by pre-orders. Try to get your copy from Crippled Sound Records. All orders shipped today!

En Nihil Split tape pre-order


The split tape with En Nihil should be here in about two weeks. Pre-orders are now available. Price is 6€ including shipping. This one will be only available in VERY limited quantities. First come, first serve. See a picture here:

Split CD with Intestinal Disgorge SOLD OUT, Pre-order of the En Nihil split tape


The Split CD with Intestinal Disgorge has sold out! Droning Disdain still available ( Pre-Orders for the split tape with En Nihil and some pre-listening can be done here: "". Abuse it! We will get some copies around April.

Distribution news, new release confirmed


Soon RRRecords (, Terror Dist. ( and Toxic Industries ( will carry RXAXPXE stuff. Abuse them! Besides that: God news: There has been confirmed a split 7" with The Black Scorpio Underground on Hate Mail Records ( in the first half of this year. Details will follow. Newer stuff is way filthier and noisier than the industrial-like stuff on Droning Disdain. Not for you. Holocaust.

Official Facebook Page, Split Tape with En Nihil, Hammer Of Hate


We got now an official facebook page. Go there and join the cult for regular updates. The C30 SPlit tape with En Nihil will be released by Crippled Sound Records (USA) likely in March in an amount of 100. Copies will be also available here. Check their page: RXAXPXE is now officially distributed by Hammer Of Hate Records in Finland. Check them out.

Some more downloads


Happy new year, folks. Hope there will be the nuclear showdown. I added some songs for free download from "Droning Disdain" and earlier releases. Enjoy! News about the upcoming releases coming soon. We got a little restock on "Droning Disdain" copies. Very last ones. Contact:

War is coming!


Here are some details on future releases: There will be a pro manufactured split tape with Nurture Abuse on Hellblast Records (USA) in 2011. Expect pure occult power electronics. This one will hurt. In addition to that here's a big surprise: There will be a black on black split tape in a special box with legendary electronical activists En Nihil on Crippled Sounds Records (USA). Both releases will come in 2011 exactly then when they're done. I'll update you about them. Cheers.


"Droning Disdain" is almost sold out. You can find reviews for this album at,, vital weekly and so on. There's also a brandnew interview in German on Kulturterrorismus: There are some new releases in the making. A split tape with the power electronics bastards of Nurture Abuse on Hell Blast Records for example. More details soon.



"Droning Disdain" has been officially released by Tosom Records. It's limited to 150 copies and costs 8€ plus shipping costs. Find high resolution pictures at myspace and order your copy NOW!

Droning Disdain Release


Our full length album will be released at June 14th through Tosom Records ( as a pro done CDr in a small dvd-case with three inserts, handnumbered to 150 copies and high quality print. You may see the coverart at our myspace- presence. Pre-orders are taken now. It will cost 8€ plus shipping. Just get in contact. Images of the complete album will follow as soon as it's released. Faggot.

Album title announcment,new reviews, new downloads


The title of the upcoming full length album will be "Droning Disdain". You may find some new reviews of the split CD with Intestinal Disgorge and the split 7" with Cockgunblast at and at The song "Sweet Little Bodies" from Droning Disdain is now available for free download in the download section. Enjoy.

New Years Nihilism


First of all: 2010 will be worse than ever. The 69 way split 7" has been cancelled by the label. Anyway: There will be the first rXaXpXe full length album this year. Details about the label, the format and the title will follow soon. The artwork will be done by the artists of DarkkArt.

Some new stuff planned


There will be a 69 way split 7" on Radiation Sickness Records and the Toxic Industries Compilation boxset featuring a shirt. We'll keep you updated about that.

Japan Split CDr with Noiseconcrete is out NOW!


This CD in a DVD case is a special Japan- Release and it's in Europe only available in extremely limited quantitites.

Review of our 7" by Kulturterrorismus in German


Read it here:

Split CD with Intestinal Disgorge is out NOW!


The Split CD with Intestinal Disgorge is finally available in the shop. It's been almost 2 years after both bands finished the recordings. We had some problems with utrastable labels. Get it for 8 Euro plus shipping and enjoy the sickness!

Site Launch


The site has gone online today. Check back for regulary updates. Enjoy.